Evolve your business

By simply scanning the QR code with a phone's camera, your customers can view, download or share the information you provide with no limit on users or entries.

How does it work?

A QR code is a multifunctional tool that allows you to store coded data and display it according to the need you want to satisfy and beat your customers' expectations.


Display your QR in an easily reachable place for your customers.


Ask your customers to scan the QR with their phone camera.


Your client will be able to access your menu information without any contact.

Adapt your business to current needs

The Federal recommendations to face the pandemic, suggest the use of digital resources for the consultation of informative material of any kind. A QR code in your business is the best way to implement it.

No contact

Protect your customers from the risks associated to the pandemic.

Interactive features

Allow your consumers to easily download or share your information.

Customized information

Constantly adapt your menu and provide your customers with exactly the information they need.

More affordable

Optimize your expenses and renew your menu without incurring in large printing costs.

How do I get mine?

It is very simple, just choose one of our plans and we will take care of the rest.We offer plans that are totally adjustable to your needs and deliver the items in record time.Transform your business and evolve with your customers.

Why to have a QR code?

Besides the fact that the pandemic changed the way consumers behave, having a QR code in your restaurant is:

More hygienic

Easier to handle

Less expensive

Better to update

Would you like to have an outstanding digital menu?

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Our pricing plans

Choose one of the three following options to start your process. If you do not find what you need, contact us and we will glad to help you.


$199/ mo


Lead your customers to a PDF menu with download, sharing and printing possibilities.


Best Choice


$99/ mo

Give your customers a menu created directly on the Internet with the possibility of sharing dishes or the entire menu 

and leave evaluations and comments to your business.

You will have the possibility to change the menu items twice in 1 year.


$299/ mo

Get a menu with customized features and a QR code with a figure of your choice to match your restaurant's identity.

Upgrade your menu 3 times during 1 year.

What our clients say

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a limit to the use of the QR code?
  • No, the code can be used as many times as needed. Over time you must update the information the customer has access to such as prices.

  • Can you create figures in the QR?
  • Yes, please check our pricing plans as it might have an additional value according to the one you choose.

  • How long does the QR code development process take?
  • Our promise is to deliver the product to your satisfaction in the shortest possible time, but this depends on the agility with which you provide us with the required information.

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